Services Provided by The Asia Sales Manager

Sales in Asia

I manage your company’s sales throughout Asia. I visit customers with your business card and I communicate with them via an email address at your domain.

Similarly, I manage existing agents and distributors, or find some if you need them.

I then work with your inside sales staff to process orders, arrange payments from customers, and get the products shipped to customers in Asia. I can manage after-sales service personnel and local spare parts inventory consignments, as well, if needed.

Your company pays a monthly retainer,  a small commission on Asia revenue, and reimburses me for any travel expenses (that you have pre-approved). I am extremely cost-effective and efficient, especially compared to hiring an Asian Sales Manager based in the home office who requires a full-time salary, benefits, and is not in front of customers enough.

Asia Marketing

Usually, I assist with the Asia Marketing function if I am working on your Asia Sales. This includes collaborating with your home office marketing staff and Asia in-country agent/distributor to ensure that the marketing message is clear, concise, and targets the correct segment. Website and literature verbiage should be translated by professionals who know your industry. I oversee that.

Often, I help companies with Asia marketing strategy and implementation but I am not responsible for their product/service sales in Asia. I do this on a per-project basis or by monthly retainer.

I perform Asia market research on a routine basis, primarily by visiting potential clients and key influencers and asking the “What if…?” questions. For larger market research projects, I have contractors who help with telephone and email surveys in the local language.


Business Development in Asia

Routinely, I am tasked with fundamental business development assignments in Asia that do not involve direct sales. For example: finding partners in Asia for companies that are looking for contract manufacturers, contract researchers, suppliers and vendors, designers, agents, distributors, accountants, attorneys, employees, etc.

Many of the people or firms I recommend I can do so without hesitation because I have known them for years. In cases where I find someone who I don’t have any prior experience with, I perform strict due diligence before I recommend them to you.

I meet with local government representatives in Asia to find tax and other investment incentives, if you are looking to establish a more formal presence.

Asian Sales Readiness Audit

I visit your existing sales channels in Asia and interview them regarding their processes and procedures, as well as staff capabilities.

I also visit the home office and interview stakeholders in the Asia business, such as inside sales, marketing, accounting, shipping, engineering, and whoever else is involved in products being sold in Asia.

I compare the home office activities to the on-the-ground realities in Asia and provide you with best practice solutions that make your Asia sales processes much more streamlined, efficient, cost-effective and provide better customer satisfaction.

An Asian Sales Readiness Audit takes up to a month, depending on how many sales channels in Asia need to be visited and reviewed. This service will save your company tens of thousands of dollars in the first year of implementing the recommendations.