The Asia Sales Manager

Rob Haak

  • 30 years of experience selling technology in Asia and managing sales activities.

  • Vast network of contacts throughout Asia in companies, universities, and government.

  • Extensive language training and on-the-ground cultural education.

  • Extremely professional, efficient, and cost-effective.

Why Hire Me?

Nobody knows Asia like I do — all of Asia…not just one or two markets.

You will save tens of thousands of dollars per year by:

(1) Taking advantage of my vast network of contacts throughout Asia to grow your business quickly;

(2) Not hiring a full-time Asia Sales Manager in your company with an expensive salary, benefits, health insurance, vacation, sick pay, 401(K), and other compensation;

(3) Allowing you and your managers to focus on other aspects of your business and not worry about Asia, thereby freeing up your valuable time so that you can focus on other core strategic issues in the company, and;

(4) Greatly reducing your travel expenses because I know how to travel throughout Asia extremely cost-effectively and efficiently.

Who uses The Asia Sales Manager?

The Asia Sales Manager is for companies and managers who are too busy to effectively manage their Asian business due to extreme time zone changes, communication difficulties, cultural differences, travel constraints, and myriad other reasons.

The Asia Sales Manager relieves all of those issues and grows your business in Asia efficiently and cost-effectively with profitable revenue.

About Me

I founded the company, Asia Sales Manager, in Singapore in 2006, and I have been selling technology products and services in Asia since 1990. During my 30-year career I have been based in San Jose, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur.

I have been in every part of Asia selling products and services. I have traveled in over 100 countries, primarily as a technical sales/marketing representative in industries such as semiconductor equipment and materials, sensors, robotics, nanotech, advanced materials, photonics, automotive, biopharma, medical devices, oil and gas, alternative energy, software, and many, many others.

I am frequently invited as a guest speaker or guest lecturer on international marketing, sales strategy, Asian semiconductor supply chain dynamics, and electronics market and technology trends in Asia.

My formal education includes a BS in Engineering from Tulane University in New Orleans, USA and an MBA in Management of Technology and Corporate Finance from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, USA. I have had extensive formal language training in Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and Bahasa.

Affiliations / Memberships:

What I Do

Asia Sales Management

I am your Asia Sales Manager. I professionally manage your company’s sales throughout Asia.

I visit customers with your corporate business card and I communicate with them via an email address at your domain.

Similarly, I manage existing agents and distributors, or I find good ones if you need them.

I then work with your inside sales staff to process orders, arrange payments from customers, and get the products shipped to customers in Asia. I can manage after-sales service personnel and local spare parts inventory consignments, as well, if needed.

Your company pays a monthly retainer,  a small commission on Asia revenue, and reimburses me for any travel expenses (that you have pre-approved). I am extremely cost-effective and efficient, especially compared to hiring an Asian Sales Manager based in the home office who requires a full-time salary, benefits, and is not in front of customers enough.

Business Development in Asia

Routinely, I am tasked with fundamental business development assignments in Asia that do not involve direct sales. For example: finding partners in Asia for companies that are looking for contract manufacturers, contract researchers, suppliers and vendors, designers, agents, distributors, accountants, attorneys, employees, etc.

Many of the people or firms I recommend I can do so without hesitation because I have known them for years. In cases where I find someone who I don’t have any prior experience with, I perform strict due diligence before I recommend them to you.

I meet with local government representatives in Asia to find tax and other investment incentives, if you are looking to establish a more formal presence.

Marketing in Asia

Usually, I assist with the Asia Marketing function if I am working on your Asia Sales. This includes collaborating with your home office marketing staff and Asia in-country agent/distributor to ensure that the marketing message is clear, concise, and targets the correct segment. Website and literature verbiage should be translated by professionals who know your industry, and I oversee that.

Often, I help companies with Asia marketing strategy and implementation but I am not responsible for their product/service sales in Asia. I do this on a per-project basis or by monthly retainer.

I perform Asia market research on a routine basis, primarily by visiting potential clients and key influencers and asking the “What if…?” questions. For larger market research projects, I have contractors who help with telephone and email surveys in the local language.

Asia Sales Readiness Audit

I visit your existing sales channels in Asia and interview them regarding their processes and procedures, as well as staff capabilities.

I also visit the home office and interview stakeholders in the Asia business, such as inside sales, marketing, accounting, shipping, engineering, and whoever else is involved in products being sold in Asia.

I compare the home office activities to the on-the-ground realities in Asia and provide you with best practice solutions that make your Asia sales processes much more streamlined, efficient, cost-effective and provide better customer satisfaction.

An Asian Sales Readiness Audit takes up to a month, depending on how many sales channels in Asia need to be visited and reviewed. This service will save your company tens of thousands of dollars in the first year of implementing my recommendations.


Client references contact information available upon request.

“Rob helped us immensely in Korea with his knowledge of Samsung and Hynix. The market knowledge saved us at least two years and thousands of dollars.”

“Rob conducted a market study in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, and Singapore regarding an electronics technology platform I am developing. The reports and briefings over the year-long project were on time, detailed, and useful..”

“Rob (the Asia Sales Manager) managed our sales activities in Asia for several years. We eventually set up a join-venture and he helped us staff that office and sales force.”


Asia Sales Management

Clients pay a monthly retainer and a commission based on revenues in Asia that I generate. Pre-approved travel expenses are reimbursed.

The monthly retainer is based on the number of hours required to professionally manage the Asia sales. This usually amounts to one or two days per week, however, some clients require more of my time. A typical retainer for one day per week of professional Asia Sales Management is USD 3,000 per month.

The commission is commensurate with typical commissions paid to sales staff within the client’s industry. A good budgetary figure for the commission is 5%.

Pricing is calculated on a case-by-case basis depending on your goals in Asia and how much of my time it requires. Contact me to start a dialogue.


Often, clients require Marketing and Business Development activities in Asia that are finite in duration. These tasks are usually performed on a project basis that last one month to a year.

Similarly, the Asian Sales Readiness Audits I perform on-site typically take a full month to complete.

Many projects are performed on a part-time basis and the price can be determined after we define a Scope of Work and duration.

The price for project-based work is directly related to the number of hours required of me. A budgetary figure is USD 30,000 per month full-time equivalent (FTE).

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